F.A.Q. - Read before the first trade or order

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F.A.Q. - Read before the first trade or order

Post by Administrator » Oct 6th, 2018

DISCLAIMER: Franc Ex is clearnet registered anonymization high volume exchange, we don't facilitate any illegal activities.

Franc Ex operates on standard ForgCET consensus algorithm, utilizing the Hyperledger, with two source of Bitcoins. (Buyers's and Seller's)

The result are two separate, anonymous and untraceable bitcoin balances.

This website uses certified and fully payed and legally cloned copy of open-source template, software, wallets database, cold wallet, and FAQ explanations that you can buy on forgcet7u8ki9wap9.onion, allowed by ForgCET Foundation and TOR Foundation (obtainable on GitHub also)

We do not store ANY logs.

If using this service or visiting websites like this, or anything on this website is illegal in your country, or jurisdiction, please do not use it and leave immediately!!!

If you are a New Buyer you are allowed to view and trade on Exchange forum only, where you can trade just BTC.
This is a mandatory measure to secure identities of our members.
After first trade, you will get Buyer upgrade code, free of charge, and new trading permissions for the whole Market.

As a member you can order Franc Ex Bitcoin Debit card for USD 160 + Shipment (payable fully in BTC or ETH). More about Franc Ex Bitcoin Debit Card you can read bellow

If you are trading for the first time, please read carefully how to trade.



What services Franc Ex offers?

Franc Ex is high-volume invite only bitcoin Mixer and Mixing Exchange.

Mixing Exchange means that Seller sell bigger amount of Bitcoins or Altcoins that he/she wants to anonymize, and Buyer provides lower amount of coins, that are independent form the transaction chain of Seller's. In trading process both amounts of bitcoin are mixed independently, and exchanged by Escrow moderator.
Result is two separate chains of transaction that can't be traced.
Fee is payed by Seller to Buyer in trading process.

If the trade reads "10 ETH for 8 ETH", it means that Seller provides 10 ETH, and gain 8 anonymized ETH.
Buyer provides 8 ETH of his, and gains equally anonymized 10 ETH for his services, thus gaining 2 ETH.
All trades MUST be done through Escrow wallets, on website itself.

Franc Ex is Franc Ex Bitcoin Debit Card provider (accepted anywhere where VISA is accepted, no country restrictions, can be anonymous and personalized).
Franc Ex Card can be order by any Buyer or Seller for USD 160 + Shipment (payable fully in BTC and ETH).

Franc Ex Bitcoin Debit Card can be Toped Up on special Page on the Franc Ex Website itself. More detailed FAQ on the page itself:

Francoin is native ERC20 cryptocoin that can be used for paying seller fees.
Francoin can be bought directly on Franc Ex ALT Exchange. Every Seller gets 100FC for any trade higher than 0.5 BTC.

Franc Ex has different types of memberships:

Seller - user who wants to mix their coins, and get always completely new bitcoins. Seller is always paying the fee in BTC's or Francoin (25% off).

Buyer - user who sells his/her clean bitcoins and GET a fee. (always in Bitcoins)

New Buyer - rank that Buyer gets until his/her first trade on Exchange forum. After first trade all New Buyers become Buyers.

How mixing works?

ForgCET is conventional mathematical (not stochastic) consensus algorithm, using the Hyperledger, with two source of Bitcoins.

Hyperledger explained on Github and Wikipedia:

The person who wants to anonymize bitcoins ( The Seller) can exchange BTC's for lesser amount of "clean" bitcoins (initial value-market fee-buyer's fee).
Provider of new BTC's is called Buyer.

In the exchange process, both party end up with two different and non-connected completely untraceable transaction chains.

All trades can be done via The Escrow ONLY!
This whole process can be done on various BTC mixers, but with much smaller amount.

If you prefer simple mixing process for lesser amounts we prefer and recommend bitblndrmoom55lc.onion

What are types of accounts that I can hold on Franc Ex?

With Buyer account, you can exchange smaller amounts of clean bitcoins for larger amounts of uncleaned ones.

With Seller account you can trade larger amounts of "unclean" bitcoins for smaller amount of clean ones.

How can I trade on Exchange Forum as a Buyer/New Buyer?

IMPORTANT: Make sure you have prepared new virgin wallet, for receiving your funds.
All trades are done with Escrow, you can cancel the trade at any time before final scramble and transaction is done.

1) Choose the offer that you want
First number signifies the amount of unclean bitcoins that you get, second number - the number of clean bitcoins that you need to provide.

2) Claim the offer buy writing "Buying" or "I take it", or similar

3) Wait for the seller to confirm the trade.

4) After the deal is confirmed by the Seller wait for the Escrow moderator to contact you and the seller with private message, and provide you with escrow details.
As a Buyer you have to provide BTC address for receiving fund. Make sure that you always use new, virgin wallet for receiving funds.

All trades on Franc Ex Exchange are done with Escrow.
Direct transaction are forbidden.
Both parties can stop the transaction at any time, in that case bitcoins will be returned to initial BTC address.

5) After both escrow wallets are funded Hyperledger is done:

6) At random time between 8 and 48 hours, both BTC addresses are scrambled and transaction is done, and funds are received.

During the transaction the Hyperledger is done, and both parties ends up with a independent non-traceable bitcoins.

What is clean/unclean bitcoin?

Unclean bitcoins are bitcoins whose owners don' want to be traced. During mixing process, signatures are swapped, and the chain of transaction is scrambled.

As a Seller you can anonymize bitcoin signatures for a fee and post trading offers.

How can I become a Seller?

By contacting the website administration and yearly fee of 1.78 BTC (fee may vary due to current BTC exchange rate)

How can I become a Buyer?

By direct invitation from the Seller, or by invitation code.
One invitation code is provided to buyer after every third trade.
Every invitation code can be used only once.

Before the first trade, you can trade only on Franc Ex Exchange forum, as a New Buyer.
After first trade you will automatically get full Buyer status.

What about Francoin?

Francoin is ERC20 coin, with hardened anonymity. If used for paying fees on Franc EX, fees are discounted at 75%. Francoin use Proof of work, witch makes is completely untraceable and compatible with previous ERC protocols and wallets.
Francoin can be only used by Seller for paying fees. Buyer gain their fees in BTC only.

What is Franc Ex Bitcoin Debit Card?

Franc Ex Bitcoin Debit Card is based on VISA credit card technology.
Fully can be funded with Bitcoins and EUR and CAD through your user profile.

Are there any country restrictions for getting Franc Ex Bitcoin Debit Card?
No as long as the couriers services that we use can deliver it to you.

How can I get Franc Ex Card?

Every Franc Ex user with Buyer and Seller account can order 3 year valid Franc EX Card, for one time fee of USD160 + Shipment (both fully payable in BTC).
You can order it

Franc Ex Card cannot be shipped in Post Boxes. You need to manually sign for delivery, because we use courier service carriers only (FedEx, DHL, UPS and other).

Can I get anonymous Franc Ex Card, without my name on it?

Yes. But card limits in that case are lower, as you can see below.
There is no difference in card fees.

What are the card limits and fees?

Max Balance: $18,000
ATM daily withdrawal limit: $2,000

Max Balance: $50,000
ATM daily withdrawal limit: $12,000

No monthly fee.
No POS fee. (with FX 0.35%)

If you have question about the process or the website, contact the Escrow moderator account directly.

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Re: F.A.Q. - Read before the first trade or order

Post by Ortzergh » Sep 14th, 2019

Hey, I ordered debit card, but it was more than a week, and still waiting.

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Re: F.A.Q. - Read before the first trade or order

Post by Escrow » Sep 14th, 2019

Ortzergh wrote:
Sep 14th, 2019
Hey, I ordered debit card, but it was more than a week, and still waiting.
Send me PM with reference number please. Do not use the public topic for this.